I had a week without any jobs, so I decided to go to Valais (Switzerland) and make some autumn shots. I love this time of the year in the Alps. The idea was to shoot some stock footage, but at the end of the week I decided to make a video just about the larches in autumn. Complemented by the music from Roberto Cacciapaglia.

Moosalp / Törbel
Fafleralp / Blatten
Riffelalp / Zermatt

Gear used:

Sony A7RII (Video APS-C Mod / Timelapse FF Mode)

Lense: Canon 28mm IS f2.8
UAV: DJI S900 with DJI A2 Flight Controller
UAV Gimbal: FTBO G10

Gimbal Controller: Basecam SimpleBGC 32bit V2.50b3



Christian Mülhauser

Weinbergstrasse 7

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